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2 Jan 2009

Vintage Furniture and Decor

by Giorgina Devereaux

Vintage furniture and decor (also known as Shabby Chic decor) incorporates accessories, furniture, and household items from the years 1900-1950 to decorate your home.

But what makes this decor a popular decorating style?

It provides a comfortable and casual look through the use of Vintage accessories, new decor that looks old, pastels, comfy light painted furniture, lace tablecloths, dreamy soft floral fabrics, wrought iron curtain rods with sheer curtains, and vivid fresh flowers.

The idea of combining the old with the new opens up endless possibilities when selecting Shabby Chic home décor and furnishings.

Imagine visiting your grandparents and snuggling in comfortable soft furniture, while being surrounded by colorful fresh flowers and the soft scent of candles.

shabby-chic-vintage-decor-furniture-bedroomThis style can create the same sensation for your own home. It balances elegant items with old and worn, silver accessories with painted wood tables, and soft area rugs with old lace.

If your budget is limited, Vintage furniture is the perfect solution.

Shabby Chic and Vintage furniture is made to look worn, along with stylish items and things that look old. Therefore, you have a varied range of choices for furniture and home decor.

Consider the following ideas as a guide:

A fresh coat of paint is a great way of giving old pieces of furniture some Shabby Chic appeal.

You can also update older upholstered furniture through the use of slip covers or large throws.

For small tables, such as side tables, coffee tables, or consoles, look for pieces that feature carved wood as a focal point.

shabby-chic-vintage-decor-furniture-living-roomKeep in mind that if you are looking for Shabby Chic furniture to take measures to avoid bright bold colors or matching sets.

Instead, try to mix and match the upholstery style with floral patterns, along with striped pillows and other accessories.

To accent your walls, you can include carved wood or metal shelves, which can be purchased in antique stores, gift shops, garage sales, and antique fairs.

Again, a little paint on these items goes a long way because you will add a special touch to your décor. For instance, you incorporate an ornate wrought iron corner shelf and display antique collectibles or crocheted dollies for a vintage look.

Furthermore, you can look for old doors, windows, mantels, garden gates, house shutters, and wrought iron, which can be used as wall hangings or even used to replace existing doors to add charm.

shabby-chic-vintage-decor-furniture-nurseryFor lighting, you can use a floral print or solid colored fabric lamp shade for the right splash of color and display it against surfaces that are distressed.

Wrought iron, wood mirrors, or picture frames with white, natural, or distressed finishes blend well in a Shabby Chic room.

If you want to add a unique touch to this decor, apply weathered paint to towel racks in the bathroom or kitchen.

And let’s not forget to include candleholders or candelabra. You can give these items a distressed finish in white or ivory for that shabby chic look.

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