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22 Nov 2008

Decorating Style # Shabby Chic

This time, it's Shabby Chic. Shabby chic is a soft, romantic look with vintage appeal.

Incorporating the Shabby Chic Look into Your Home

  • Look around your attic or basement (or your mother or grandmother's attic or basement). Examine discarded or unused items and determine if they are usable. The shabby chic mantra is "If it has good bones, you can use it."
  • Hit flea markets and yard sales. An old wooden chair that is still sturdy and has great lines might not catch your eye if it's painted an awful color. But imagine it with a fresh coat of white paint. Or pink. Or green.
  • Forget the traditional purpose of things. Tuck that painted flea market chair into a sparse corner and place a vase of wildflowers on the seat. Old trunks make great coffee tables, quilts can serve as sofa throws, and large baskets can hold everything from toys to fresh linens.
  • Be bold, be brave, experiment. Clean up a beautiful antique chandelier and drape it with strands of old costume jewelry necklaces. Hang it in a young girl’s room. The result: a funky, one-of-a-kind, shabby chic masterpiece!
  • Think comfort. Toss extra pillows on your couch. Throw a quilt or blanket over your favorite chair. Make it easy for family and friends to get cozy in your home. Shabby chic is the opposite of intimidating - it's warm and inviting.
  • Mix up patterns, textures, and colors. Forget the old rule that says a room should have no more than three colors and patterns. The key is finding (or creating, or recycling) things you love and making them work in your space.

If you're willing to invest some time into hunting for treasures, you'll be surprised at the amazing bargains you can find. Shabby chic is an easy style to achieve because it can include anything you love.

The next time your sister or neighbor or friend says they are dragging an old piece of furniture to the curb for garbage pickup, think about recycling it into your own shabby chic showpiece. Once you try it, you'll be hooked!

How I do Shabby Chic:
-I love flea markets and yard sales. I love finding something that I can doctor up. Nothing works magic like a can of spray paint!
-I love baskets, boxes and old trunks. They make for great storage.
-I love lots of throw pillows and blankets/quilts. I have oversized furniture slipcovered in cream colored fabric. I like "cozy."
-I love mixing patterns and textures. Who said everything has to match?
-I like vintage looking stuff. I want a chenille bedspread like your granny used to own:) I like distressed objects. It doesn't have to be old, it just needs to look old.
-I love old doors and windows. I have an idea for a project down the road the requires etching the glass on an old window. I intend to use this as wall art in my bedroom. We'll see if I ever get it done!

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ina berkata...

salam fawa

wah!! dah lengkap info ni kalau nak buat english shabby....

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from wanie

from wanie